Benjamin Federer - Intraversal Audio Design

Benjamin Federer, founder

When I first set up an internet page by the name of Intraversal it was intended to be a music label. It was 2004 and at that time I undertook a lot of different musical endeavors with a bunch of fascinating people. The internet music scene was growing and so we, too, wanted to be present with a so-called netlabel. We had quite some interesting tracks to offer.

But in 2005, as I quit my media informatics studies in Furtwangen to move to Basel and become a student of Volker Böhm and Erik Oña at the Electronic Studio of the Hochschule für Musik, Intraversal changed as well. It became a showcase of my student work. And again I had quite some interesting projects on display. It just wasn’t plain music tracks any more.

In 2010, shortly after I finished my master studies as an Audiodesigner, I decided to take Intraversal to the next level. I made it my company. Since then, and even throughout my studies in Basel, I have worked with many interesting and inspiring people from a broad range of backgrounds. So far Intraversal realized projects with composers, musicians, graphic artists and film makers, but also with lecturers, programmers and engineers. Among our clients are audio design studio Idee und Klang (BMW, VW Autostadt, Deutsche Telekom), communications agency numèro10, Musikforschung Basel, Bärenreiter Verlag and AGS Basel. Take a look at our project portfolio to learn more!

As resources at Intraversal comprise very different fields the company can offer solutions like music and film production, mobile recording of concerts, live-electronics for electroacoustic music, sound design for picture and games, sound branding, audio restoration and music informatics. For programming we heavily rely on Cycling’74 Max but also make use of Objective-/C/++ and scripting languages.

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