• Magnetton 37-1948

  • Pulau Dewata – Isle of the Gods

  • Vokord 1.0

  • bfx M4L devices

  • note~ for Max

  • Toleranz & Respekt

This is the audio projects archive of
Benjamin Federer
who is currently off doing something else,
most likely programming.

latest sound design

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Magnetton 37-1948

Radio play (German)

Idee und Klang

branding and sound design for audio design studio

Pulau Dewata – Isle of the Gods

Bali soundscape composition

latest software

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Vokord 1.0

vowel synth for NI Reaktor

bfx M4L devices

a handful of Max For Live devices

note~ for Max

prototyping, content creation and documentation for microtonal sequencer Max object

latest music productions

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Toleranz & Respekt

school workshops

Heavy Rain REMIX

remix of laFayette's track "Heavy Rain" by SPHNX/I

PRAHA: celetná – karlova – maiselova

Live electronics and music production for contemporary music by Jakob Ullmann