bfx M4L devices

a handful of Max For Live devices

Intraversal hand-coded these fine M4L plugins for FAUX, a stellar contemporary music piece with tape playback and live audio processing by Leonardo Idrobo Arce which premiered at Musikfestival Bern in 2011. Most of these plugins are inspired by other well-known plugins. Special kudos go to Thomas Resch of for the tconvolution Max external and to Erik Oña for providing the concept for timbre stamp.



bfx-DesignerDelay Download
32 delay taps in parallel, each one featuring its own delay time, feedback, bandpass filter (lopass, hipass, Q), level, pan and transposition – this MUST be fun! By the way, this device was also used in the SPHNX/I remix of laFayette’s Heavy Rain.



bfx-TimbreStamp Download
Take a sample’s timbre (spectral characteristics) and stamp it onto your sound. Or let the sample modulate your sound’s timbre instead. Samples can be speeded up or down. The sample’s playback selection can also be set. Only works when Live’s playback is running! Playback selection is currently buggy in Live 9.



bfx-PitchShifter Download
Always missed a simple pitch shifter in Live? This one will do it. Switch between time-based and frequency algorithms (uses gizmo~, latency-prone). Transpose stereo channels independently or linked in semi-tones and cents.



bfx-Tconvolution Download
A simple yet latency-prone convolution effect featuring a simple breakpoint envelope and IR reversal. Uses the tconvolution~ external by Thomas Resch. Currently only works in Live 8.



bfx-PhaseDistortion Download
A very nice, not so aggressive sounding form of distortion. Try it if you haven’t already!



bfx-SpectralSpread Download
Subtle stereo enhancement effect with some tweakable parameters.



bfx-RingMod Download
Features the same functionality as the Live 9 frequency shifter, minus the frequency shifting, i.e. ring modulation.



bfx-Gain Download
A simple level gainer for use in complex signal routing setups.



bfx-TestSine Download
Very simple test sine device. Caution: instantiates un-muted, so turn down your levels first!



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