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Klang : Zeit : Klang – Listening to the time passing

Radio sound installation Klang:Zeit:Klang deals with the concept of NOW and thus translates the passing of time into sound. In 2006 Klang:Zeit:Klang was on air on the show NACHTSCHICHTEN (Radio LoRa Zürich) for 14 nights without interruption. In 2010 an updated version was on air for 24 hours on SoundArt Radio UK. Recording, review and commentary published with the book Nachtschichten by edition fink, Zürich.

In Ancient Greece Pythagoras of Samos regarded the harmonic concept of planet movements as the musica universalis that connects mathematics and religion. Buddhists and Hindus even believe this music of the spheres to be audible. Of course every rotation’s frequency can be moved into the human’s audible range by simply multiplying or dividing by the factor of 2. Musicians know this practice as transposing by an octave. Johanes Kepler’s De Harmonices Mundi based the discovery of musical intervals in planetary movements on the same concept. Only in the 20th century Hans Cousto and Joachim-Ernst Berendt drew attention towards the concepts‘ musical aspects. The now so called sonification was born.

Where sonification usually is employed to make abstract data sets comprehensible through audibility, sound installation Klang:Zeit:Klang is an artistic take on the passing of time. Since our whole life is more or less dictated by the click-clack-clock – does it have to sound that boring all the time? Would we recognize something familiar in listening deeper down into it? Is there something like an inner soul, something like a life of its own to it?

Klang:Zeit:Klang provides the listener with a constantly but slowly changing sound mix. All sounds are generated in real time with time and date being the only source material. Every little time division has got its own sound, from the hour down to minutes, seconds, milliseconds and beyond. By combining these sounds to an ever shifting mix a music of its own arises.

[by Benjamin Federer]


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