Toleranz & Respekt

school workshops

In the past 3 years Intraversal produced 70 songs with over 200 school students for Allgemeine Gewerbeschule Basel. Students had 4 to 5 weeks time to discover their own song’s topic, write lyrics, rehearse their performance and then put it all down on tape. Intraversal’s production instructors and songwriting coaches were there to assist, motivate and record student vocals. Mix and mastering of all songs took place at Intraversal facilities, also the production of the workshop presentation film.

While we intend our workshops to be a fun time for every participant, many students have no musical training and thus songwriting means hard work for them. Still, it is an effort everyone is willing to take because in the end every student can be proud of their group’s own song. Of course ambitious school workshops like Toleranz & Respekt are only possible with a great team:

Miladin Matic, sociocultural animator and instructor
Marco Schock (RapBau), rapper, musician and instructor
Michèlle Thommen (lucky_the_girl), singer, musician and instructor
Samuel Gantenbein, singer, rapper, musician and instructor
Manuel Diem, singer, musician and instructor
Raphael Pfister (RapBau), rapper, musician and instructor
Amadis Brugnoni, music producer and sound editor
Kevin Graber, film maker

If you are interested in hosting a similar workshop with Intraversal don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You might also want to read about Toleranz & Respekt 2012 in Basler Schulblatt (page 11).

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