Vokord 1.0

vowel synth for NI Reaktor

Vokord employs the source-filter model to synthesize a truly artificial sounding singing voice. If you love Wendy Carlos or Daftpunk vocoder voices this is for you!

Vokord offers five vowels from „aaa“ to „ooo“ with everything in between. Vowels can be modulated by a ramp with adjacent LFO module. The formant spectrum (i.e. the vowel) can be pitched up and down by one octave respectively. And of course Vokord features vibrato and an amplitude envelope.

Vokord comes with 10 presets to show you its potential:
– Ja
– Uiuiui
– Ey ey ey
– Buddha harmonics
– Mickey
– Male Aaah
– Female Aaah
– Boy Aaah
– BoC pad
– Diva

Download Vokord @ Native Instruments Reaktor User Library.

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